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N Scott Momaday

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N Scott Momaday


"The most important question you can ask yourself is 'Who am I?'.

Become and be who you are.

There are always people who are willing to define you and that is certainly a way in which you lose your identity.

Insist on defining yourself".


"Keeper of the Flame"

N. Scott Momaday is a novelist, the first Native American to receive the Pulitzer Prize for House Made of Dawn. He is a poet, a playwright, a storyteller, an artist, and was a Regents Professor of English at the University of Arizona.

His works are concerned with the human ability to live in harmony with nature, respect for ancestors and the place where one is born, spirituality and self definition.

He has numerous affiliations that support the future of Native American people. Scott created the Buffalo Trust. Its mission was to help young people regain the reverence for the sacred. It is an important reminder for all humanity.

Scott was also a founding Trustee of the National Museum of the American Indian, and sits on the Boards of First Nations Development Institute and the School of American Research.

Dr Momaday is a compelling speaker with a voice like rolling thunder and has lectured in prestigious forums. He was interviewed by PBS on their series "The West".

He also makes himself available to chat with students or make a personal appearance in classes of young students entering university from the reservation. He has supported the work of many young American Indian authors, writing introductions and reviews in order for their names to become better known to the reading public.

Scott is Kiowa. He was born in Lawton, Oklahoma growing up in Arizona and New Mexico.

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