Ed Moses is Director of a high energy physics adventure to produce the world's most powerful laser.* The fusion created when the laser hits its target is similar to the fusion created in the formation of a star.
Scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory say that in the future they will be able use nuclear waste and lasers to provide clean, abundant energy. The research program that aims to produce a hybrid nuclear power plant has been dubbed LIFE (Laser Inertial Confinement Fusion-Fission Energy). The goal is to have a large demonstration project operating by 2020. Research at the Lab will be conducted using NIF (National Ignition Facility).*CNN 5/23/05 **The Independent Newspaper

I tell this story with the use of a metaphor, by placing Ed in a nebula, the birthplace of stars. In the background is the Omega or Swan Nebula which is located in Sagittarius. I liked the ghost of a human figure formed by its gases. It suggested to me the interaction and exchange between man and his environment. The figure sits like a constellation in the Universe, his physical nature becoming almost transparent.

The painting is about the human spirit aiming towards the light of one's own vision. I wonder what it is about the human spirit that chooses a path that the body must follow. I think each person's unique path is the metaphor from which their spirit learns.

3 X 4 Acrylic on Canvas "STARMAN"Nova Starling ©2005